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    I recently upgraded to Parallels 5 and installed DM The DM recognized my bb8220 immediately. I continue to get error messages when trying to sync contacts (bb contacts to Outlook 2008 empty address book at this point) and have disabled that option for now. Sync with calendar, notes and tasks appears to go smoothly. Oddly though my appointments on the bb now have changed to one hour later than listed in Outlook despite changing and resyncing. The time zones are both EST on device and outlook but after sync the bb time zone changes to 'Eniwetok (-12)' and needs to be reset to EST!

    I would greatly appreciate any advice on fine tuning sync through DM in parallels. The pc DM is much more functional than the Mac version which does not work anyway. I gave up trying to sync directly in MacBook w entourage; PocketMac keeps duplicating everything and is limited and Mac DM is too dysfunctional to bother with. Had Mac DM working after much tweaking then 'upgraded to latest version' and everthing stopped working.
    03-10-10 12:49 PM