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    Okay, I probably should have known that my new 8830 was going to need a Windows machine to perform OS upgrades. However, I was really surprised when I brought mine in to the Verizon Store, and they told me they would not do the OS upgrade. They told me that they would never join the BB to their network because of hackers who would try to take down their entire network with malicious software. They suggested that since I did not own a Windows machine that I should take it to the local library or work and use their machines. Hmmm, I guess it is okay to put anyone else's network in danger

    I called *611 and was told Blackberry's company provides no Mac OS delivered upgrades. There was never any comment on their local Verizon Store refusing to do the upgrade for the reasons I've stated above.

    I guess I'm going to have to have Windows installed on my own Mac machine just so I can get OS updates.

    *611 claimed that my current was the latest version of the OS, but could not explain the difference in the number of the version posted yesterday. I've only done on over the cell tower upgrade myself regarding the calendar synch patch. From what I'm reading the latest greatest BB OS is more that this.

    If is somehow the latest I guess I'm okay until the next round of upgrades.

    I did point out BTW that the iPhone seemed to support Windows and Mac OS's.
    08-03-07 05:14 PM
  2. eduardjm@usc.edu's Avatar is not the lastest, however the latest OS upgrade doesn't truly hold anything uber-critical. You can see many posts on the forums that outline what the upgrade entails, but unless you are in dire need of the extension to PGP encrypt email, then you can hold off in the meantime. For OS upgrades though, you will need a PC available, the OS upgrade isnt the simplest process in the world, and nowhere near as easy as the Over-The-Air patch you did for the Calendar Update.
    08-06-07 01:46 PM
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    Can a Mac running Windows do the update? If so what are you using software wise? Boot Camp alone, or Boot Camp with one of the dual boot software applications?

    I'm ready to take the jump just so I can do my own BB OS updates, and maybe blow the dust off my Garmin GPS
    08-06-07 07:36 PM
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    You might want to start a new thread; people that may know the answer to this might not see your question if its buried within a different thread. Just a thought...
    08-07-07 06:16 PM