1. mrfizzed's Avatar
    anyone using a mac for their blackberry? i recently swithced from pc and on a pc i could delete programs and whatnot from the BB using desktop manager but i do not know if it is possible on a mac. also i could delete modules and whatnot like the sample songs and such by navgating i believe to comon files / rim / etc on a pc. can these things be done on a mac? if so how? thanks
    11-29-08 08:56 AM
  2. howie's Avatar
    To delete installed apps, you can do that from the BlackBerry - Options - Advanced Options - Applications.

    As for the modules part, last time I tried the Mac app it didn't allow you to install the OS so that's a no go, unless they changed that in the last few months.
    11-29-08 09:00 AM