1. bostonmkvgli's Avatar
    I tried to sync my BB last night as I would like to upgrade to an official version of 5.0 BB OS. It makes it about 75% of the way through the sync then tells me there is an error syncing and that it didn't work. It does NOT tell me what the error is just that one occurred. I wasn't having any issues before syncing the phone. Any pointers or is anyone else having similar issues?
    06-09-10 10:28 AM
  2. bostonmkvgli's Avatar
    So I got rid of the junky 1.03 Build 16. I am now running Build 19 and everything is working great.
    06-11-10 06:03 PM
  3. john dagis's Avatar
    I had to do this after deleting BB DM 1.03 and reinstalling version 1.0
    1. Navigate to <User>/Library/Application Support/
    2. Delete the BlackBerry Desktop folder and any other blackberry folder.
    3. Empty the Trash Bin.
    4. Restart BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    Do your sync again, and it should work.
    06-12-10 06:01 PM