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    I've been having trouble with syncing my Tour and my desktop software for the past couple days. I start syncing and after it tries to sync each category (contacts, calendar, notes, etc) it pops up a message "There has been a sync error. Please retry sync."

    I did a battery pull and restarted my Mac after this happened the first time, then tried again. Same error message. I then deleted all the media off my Tour, tried again--still error. Next I uninstalled the BB Desktop Software, dragged the whole folder into my trash, emptied the trash, and downloaded/installed new software from blackberry.com. Tried again, still had the same error message.

    My final attempt was to clear all the data from my phone through the desktop software. I restored just my address book, nothing else, and tried to sync again. Still got the same error message!

    Anyone else having this problem? I don't know what else to do to try and fix it

    If anyone has any kind of suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!
    11-05-09 07:51 AM
  2. annalise.ellen's Avatar
    Just an update, I called Verizon this morning to see if they had upgraded anything on the phone that could be causing this problem and they had not.

    Am I the only one having this issue? Maybe I need to wipe the entire phone tonight
    11-05-09 09:55 AM
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    did you read any of the several pages of threads on this topic? I suggest you spend some time reading...the answer may already be there....
    11-05-09 10:01 AM
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    Statman, I tried to find threads on it this morning for about half an hour, but the search feature wasn't working and I couldn't find anything. Could you send me a link to the threads? I hate being that person who posts without reading first, I'm sorry--I tried though!
    11-05-09 10:18 AM
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    11-05-09 12:35 PM
  6. annalise.ellen's Avatar
    Thanks for the link, sorry I couldn't find those on my own.
    11-05-09 02:00 PM
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    The sync issue you are experiencing is because of the group feature. If you create a group in addressbook for all your blackberry contacts and use that group via the DM. This is what I found out after a few days of tinkering with it. Let me know the results.

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    11-06-09 10:06 AM