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    Hi All

    im new to BB, had used my n95 before with no issue connecting to internet through my macbok.

    i got the Bold now and it does not want to work! it was some time ago i used the n95 so not sure if its my plan or the setup.

    has anybody got this working on T-Mobile UK normal web'n'walk plan? or do you need another addon? im currently on the 7.50 option although i read on the net somewhere they do a 12.50 option for using your phone as a modem, although this shouldnt make an actual difference connecting should it? only allowance would be affected, no?

    i installed the modem scripts and it seems to connect to APN ok, although it disconnected when trying to verify the username/password. Searched the entire web and cannot find an answer.

    APN: *99# or general.t-mobile.uk do no work

    Please could someone help me out on this???

    Many thanks in advance.
    04-04-09 09:01 AM
  2. n1tul's Avatar
    Hi can anybody help?
    04-05-09 01:31 PM
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    I use the following connecting USB from a PC

    T Mobile GPRS Settings

    Username: user
    Password: pass

    Dial *99#
    Control Panel\Phone and Modem Options
    Bluetooth modem properties goto advanced
    Extra initialization commands at+cgdcont=1,"IP","general.t-mobile.uk"

    Run the Blackberry device manager

    Make sure the blackberry device manager is running or it won't work. Also you might want to search for bluetooth and MAC as I think I've seen posts regarding issues with this combination.

    Good luck

    Btw I'm on t-mobile web & walk & instant email (BIS)
    04-05-09 01:43 PM
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    Thanks for the reply, Are you using a PC? will this work on a Mac?

    Many thanks
    04-05-09 01:49 PM
  5. john.woody's Avatar
    Pc USB connection which is why I say search for mac bluetooth posts. But the t mobile settings work for me

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    04-05-09 02:04 PM