1. skwij's Avatar
    I just put 2+2 together, after realising that some mornings my battery is very low, when the phone has been plugged into the Macbook overnight!

    This only happens when my VMware is active, after doing a backup of the Storm. If I eject the phone from Windows, and let OS/X "see" it, it charges fine, but if I let Windows be the default connection overnight, and if the laptop goes to sleep, then I wake to a discharged phone.

    I don't know if anyone else is having this issue, but just in case you wake up to a low battery or discharged phone after being connected overnight, and are using VMware, and if VMware is the "active" USB connection, try ejecting the phone in Windows, and letting OS/X take over the connection before heading off to bed, or leaving the computer for a while.
    04-29-09 07:31 AM