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    I finally got my Storm replaced under warranty due to the mass amounts of dust under the screen. I backed up my original Storm and Restored it all to the replacement Storm. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to backup all of the applications I've purchased/downloaded to easily put on my new phone. Can someone please give me some guidance on how to do this?

    Thank you in advance!
    10-18-09 05:57 PM
  2. uvaj06's Avatar
    In BBDM, isn't there a "device switch" application? I was under the impression that you had the option to switch applications from device to device, assuming that those apps are not limited to a single device. Garmin mobile for BB, if purchased like I did, can be a single device license, meaning that it cannot be transferred to a new BB. Other apps, perhaps even paid, 3rd party apps can be transferred from device to device... At the very least, I would give it a shot. First connect your old storm to your pc and start BB desktop manager, if you don't have it, download the most recent version from RIM, then from the main menu page select the "device switch" option and follow the steps in the wizard once the process completes with your old device, you will be told when to connect the new device and I'm fairly certain that there are options for selecting apps and data to transfer.

    If you use a mac and have the BBDM for Mac, then connect your original storm and click on the "applications" button near the top right corner of the DM window, a current list of all installed apps will be generated, look for an option to make a back up of your apps not the default option to "update" as in add/remove, but deselect the ones that are already installed on your new storm, like docs-to go for example, unless you have data that you want to transfer in said app. Then back them up, if possible. Then connect your new storm and simply restore those apps to the new device...

    To be honest, I'm away from my machine and am relying totally on memory right now, but I think whichever option applies to you will work... Just don't erase anything and nothing will be lost but time if I am wrong on this and if I am wrong, then I apologize in advance for wasting your time... Just give it a shot, what do you have to lose...

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    10-19-09 12:07 AM
  3. Statman's Avatar
    It can only be done with PC version DM. DMFM does not back-up or restore third party apps TMK.
    10-19-09 11:09 AM
  4. GradyA's Avatar
    Yeah, thanks for the help, but I just ended up borrowing a PC laptop to get the job done. Hopefully this is rectified in future releases of the Mac DM.
    10-19-09 09:46 PM