1. hagosrush's Avatar
    I know that there are ALOT of MS 2.0 issues. But I think that all users should be aware of this issue which I have just found out. I have installed the missing sync program via their OTA installation link found on their website.

    Immediately my data no longer worked. I would never receive a full 3G signal but rather a fluctuating 3g signal. I began to troubleshoot the problem and it did not go away until I un-installed the sync program from my BB (Bold 9000).

    After the restart my signal went back immediately to 3G and I began to receive my emails and was able to get onto the internet again.

    **NOTE** My bluetooth and USB sync both worked perfectly fine during this time in which I had no data.

    So for those who want this syncing to work...be grateful that you have your data on your phone.
    02-22-09 02:16 AM
  2. hagosrush's Avatar
    Thanks to Mark/Space and their non-existent support (oops) I have fixed the problem. I simply re-installed the program with a twist. I did not allow the program to have full access to everything as stated in Mark/Space's website. I left it at their default settings and it worked just fine.

    Thought I wasted my money. Still a good purchase though.
    02-23-09 06:38 AM