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    not sure if you guys have been reading about the new apple islate but this could be a very exciting product i personally hope these are true
    1. it runs modded snow leopard and not iphone os as the specs of it should be about the same as the air or a net book
    2. 10" touch screen not 7"
    3. costs same as a mac mini but this seems unlikely to me if it runs snow leopard
    4. it doesn't have 3g or anything as it would mean being on contract i want this to be a tablet pc not a jack of all trades

    well heres the place for all the rumours and what you want it to be
    sources are saying this could well be an ereader running the upcoming iphone os 4 i belive this is quite possible as all the computing area use the word mac macbook, macbook pro, mac pro, mac mini well all bar the imac. and all the music and pohne starts with iphone ipod so i belive this could well be true
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    sorry about posting in wrong forum mods i wasn't sure weather it was more off topic up coming or rumoured or here thanks for moving
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    I can't wait for this! I think I am gonna pick it up!

    I hear it has 2GB of Ram and about 160GB of harddrive space.
    And yah, not like an Iphone, modded OSX leopard(or snow leopard) OS, with all the virutal touch screen stuff...

    And it has some sort of innovative touch screen feedback that makes it feel like you are pressing in on the glass... i don't know, its like unexplainable... (something MAYBE like the Storm2 screen, but much much better and different).

    And HOPEFULLY a webcam and stuff
    01-06-10 06:01 PM