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    I just cannot seem to figure this out. I haven't found any answers scouring the web, so I must be the odd man out on this one?

    MacBook Pro 10.5.6 - BlackBerry 8830 - Verizon

    I'm able to add and pair my blackberry with my MBPro, have the VZAccess manager from Verizon and can connect to the internet via bluetooth from my MBPro no problem, but...

    Whenever I go into Bluetooth preferences, my blackberry shows "not connected". From what I've found(or haven't), there is no way to select "connect" either on my MBPro, or on the blackberry. No big deal, the tethering is working right.....except....

    If I happen to restart my mac, then VZAccess manager doesn't see my device... Bluetooth preferences, as always, shows my blackberry to not be connected, and because there is no "manual" way for me to tell it to connect, nothing I try will make the blackberry visible to VZAcess manager. Also, when I select the bluetooth menu at the top of my desktop, I can roll over my bluetooth mouse and there is a submenu to "connect", etc. but no sub menu where my blackberry is listed.

    I can get VZ Access Manager to work again easy enough, I just have to remove my blackberry from bluetooth preferences and add it again. VZAccess sees it and connects using it with no problem..(while connected to the internet right now through my blackberry, preferences shows my blackberry to not be connected!)

    Should I really have to do that everytime I happen to restart my mac, just to make my blackberry visible?

    I'm sure someone will say maybe it's a bug with Verizon's software, and I gave it a thought too, but shouldn't my blackberry show as connected in Leopard, or at least if it doesn't auto connect, shouldn't I have an option to select "connect" manually?

    Oh yeah, and sometimes in bluetooth preferences my black berry shows as "not connected" with "connected" overlaying it, all jumbled up.

    I have no idea what the deal is.
    01-05-09 07:51 PM