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    For the 3rd time I am having this problem and I can not seem to figure out why it is happening or how to fix it with out doing a wipe on the phone.

    Computer: Mac OS X 10.5.7 (and happened in 10.5.4 to 10.5.6) Current PocketMac SyncManager software, updated driver set.
    BB: Sprint Curve 8330 running (I connect via USB)

    What I am doing: I am using the default install of PocketMac SyncManager to copy only my address book from Address Book.app to my BB. I had it set up to sync between them but found it duplicated addresses (this happened to me 2x). I do have my address book sync with MobileMe so I figured I would eliminate the sync and only do a "Overwrite device" that eliminates the duplicates. I have no other items syncing (no Calender, tasks, etc.)

    What is happening: I have updated my address book on my mac with new contacts. When i click the Sync button it spins and when it hits Address Book it stalls and nothing happens other then the CPU fan goes to full after a bit. Other symptom is I can not edit any existing contacts on the phone (even though I know they would not be saved after sync.) I get the following error "Addresses updated externally. Changes will be lost and viewer closed" It will allow me to create new contacts and edit them.

    What I have tried:
    1 - Enter your Address Book
    2 - Click the Menu Key and choose Options
    3 - Type the letters rset

    ~/Library/Application Support/PocketMacSyncManager/Additional Tools/DataPurgeUI and
    ~/Library/Application Support/PocketMacSyncManager/Additional Tools/SyncClean

    Connect the smartphone to a Windows PC running Desktop Manager 5.0 and use Backup/Restore - Advanced to clear the two address book databases (Address Book and Address Book - All)

    Result was nothing, i still have my address book populated and unable to sync. For lack of a better term it appears that the database is in a read only mode and looking at this outside source (what eve that may be) to do the sync. I really do not want to do a wipe of the phone again since I do use BB Messenger and I have to re-add everyone and they have to re-add me when I did the wipe before.

    Is there a way to see what it is trying to sync to remotely? Is there a preference type file that can be deleted that controls where this database is looking? I really do not want to go to Entourage 2004 to sync with since I have 2 Macs I go between and MobileMe solves many other issues. Oddly I do not have this problem with the other 14 phones I manage however they all do sync to Entourage.

    07-24-09 11:16 AM