1. angelicamaya's Avatar
    Quite a few of my phone numbers won't sync to my 8830. I have a MacBook Pro and use Plaxo -- Plaxo has everything updated from my previous phone (Treo 700p) and my Address Book on my MacBook is updated with all data. When I sync, two way (the original way was overriding the phone), the data does not transfer... what am I doing wrong? This inly happens with a few people whose phone numbers are missing, but their names are there. Help!
    08-24-07 03:19 AM
  2. rollingstone's Avatar
    Oh hi, just a clarification, are you trying to sync the Apple Address book?

    I have names with no numbers and even numbers with no names (which admittly is wierd) and I believe everything is working fine. I'm new to the Blackberry also...used palm os from the day it was invented.

    Anyway, I wonder if your troublesome contacts have some wierd formatting that is not visible. What about exporting them a Vcards and re-importing or something like that?

    08-24-07 09:07 AM
  3. angelicamaya's Avatar
    Hi Glen,

    Yes, I am trying to sync Apple Address Book (which Plaxo updated with all my info) -- I have MANY names with no numbers (but they ARE in the Apple Address Book and on my Treo)... I will try making them vcards, hopefully that will work... it's driving me nuts!!!!!

    Thanks for the advice. If anyone else has anything, please let us know! Thanks!!
    08-24-07 10:32 PM
  4. angelicamaya's Avatar
    Solved the issue... stupid Address Book has weird categories that the BB doesn't recognize (like "work cell" -- what's a work cell??) -- so once I switched a couple to regular mobile and overwrite the device, everything transferred fine... so now I just need to go into EACH CONTACT and check the categories. There's only 500. No problem. Grrrr....
    08-24-07 10:44 PM