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    Sorry if there already is a tread about this but I couldn't find it due to the search looping me back to the search screen instead of really searching...

    I have a certificate on my mac (.cer file) that I need to upload to my BB 9000 (OS to get access to a wifi. It's a lone file, the company it's from doens't have the file on an LDAP, OCSP or whatever-server, so i'd have to get it in through a desktop manager.

    I only have Macs here, so "Certificate Sync" on the Windows DM is out of the question (syncing with a windows DM through parallels already bricked my phone three (!!!) times, don't wanna go through that again), pocketmac and MissingSync can't do it and i can't seem to find the feature in the Mac DM.

    Any ideas ?
    10-26-09 08:55 AM
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    Anyone ?
    10-28-09 10:07 AM
  3. Ruben Cohen P's Avatar
    12-10-12 07:07 PM
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    I too am curious about this. Always had to do this on a PC in the past since for a long time the DM software for the Mac was very limited. Hoping this has changed over the last little while.
    02-08-13 09:38 PM