1. Katilea's Avatar
    I heard you can get game called Lexulous (which i play on facebook) at Blackberry app world so I downloaded the mac desktop software but it takes me to a different site not the app world.

    When I found app world via my browser it only works on Microsoft Internet Explorer and so does the update software page. I cant find any email address to email them directly to ask why I cant access the store via the Mac software on their site!

    So I tried browser on blackberry and i just get message that I'm not in an area where I can connect to the internet but its connected to my computer which has a wireless network!

    How do I get my Blackberry to connect to my network to access the app world directly?

    Or is there another site where I can download 'Lexulous' onto my iMac to transfer to blackberry via USB?


    Kati (UK)
    05-05-09 01:37 PM