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    I've put my deposit down for the Torch /Rogers at BestBuy. I am concerned about syncing with my mac and have not been able to get clear answers on how to do it and whether it's possible - I even downloaded and read the manual

    I used to use missing sync back in my early bb days (have since left bb to go to iphone and now am planning to go back) - but as I recall, it was never perfect.

    I want to sync contacts/calendar mainly.

    I assume that I'll be able to pull in my personal as well as corporate emails and that they'll load to both my bb and to my home mac and work pc.

    How do you sync your 9800 with your mac?
    09-25-10 08:44 PM
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    BB does have a Mac version of Desktop Manager here. It will sync your calendar, contacts, notes and tasks; backup and restore data (unfortunately not 3rd party apps); add and remove apps delivered with the OS; and theoretically install OS upgrades (official ones), although I never could that that to work with my Bold (and never bothered trying with the Torch, as there are not yet any 'official' OS upgrades for it).

    The biggest downfall is that OS's are almost always provided as an exe file, which is useless on a Mac unless you're running Windows virtualized (like with Parallels or Bootcamp). This makes it very difficult to upgrade your OS. The functionality is there in DM, but as I said, I never got it to work without an error and had to resort to a Win XP laptop I happened to have standing by for something else.
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    09-25-10 10:04 PM
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    The version of DM works fine with my 9000 and 8520. For upgrading to different OS's leaks and such I use DM 6 on my virtual XP computer using Parallels 6. I'm sure it would be no different with the 9800 or any other BB. No issues yet....
    09-25-10 10:25 PM
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    Yeah RIM is not Mac friendly and never has been. DM for Mac is good for what is listed above and nothing more. I upgraded the OS three times on the Torch I had, and had to use Windows on my MacBook, a royal pain in the ****. I can't believe the word bu*t is banned here.
    09-26-10 12:19 AM
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    OK - this is good to know, thanks !!

    I never bother doing windows on my mac but do have a little netbook I use once a year or so when I absolutely need a PC for something.

    I use mobileMe also for syncing right now with my iPhone.

    what a drag to lose that seamlessness but I'm looking forward to getting a bb again and to having the qwerty...

    thanks again..
    09-26-10 06:46 AM
  6. tcadieux's Avatar
    I switched from the iphone to the torch and used mobile me and have a mac...so I may be of use..

    iCal synced fine
    Mail and everything is fine

    Contacts will NOT sync as of right now with the current DM...I was able to get around it by going to my addressbook (on mac) settings and say 'sync with google' then on the torch have it sync contacts with gogole, and that got all my contacts to appear on the phone.

    and you can sync playlists from itunes to your torch as well.
    09-26-10 04:49 PM
  7. l8kgal's Avatar

    bummer re contacts but I can live with the google work-around - i'm sorta doing that on the android phone i play around with when i'm not using my iphone (i like gadgets lol).

    hopefully they'll accommodate macs better in the future - but i'm looking forward to getting my torch regardless.
    09-26-10 09:10 PM