1. motodc's Avatar
    Hi All, I just managed to get the 8830 working with my MacBook. This is the TELUS firmware version of the 8830 world edition.

    Basically Pair the phone and set it up as a modem as follows:
    - Enter in the dial up number, for TELUS this happens to be #777 (not sure if you actually need that number or not, as the BB might have the dial in info already).
    - No username and password.
    - Select the following modem driver: au cdmaOne Bluetooth Adapter (not sure where that came from, but it's likely comes with the OS)
    - go ahead and connect!!

    You will know it's working since on the BB it will say something like "Modem Mode Enabled" along the top of the display right under the battery indicator.

    I only surfed for a little while, but it was plenty fast, and seemed to work great!

    Good luck and hope this helps!

    8830 as bluetooth modem macbook
    07-06-07 12:22 AM
  2. Firefishe's Avatar
    Thanks, motodc :-)! I just set up my 8830 and it works great with my G4 1GHz PowerBook!

    Bluetooth Wireless Networking isn't quite as fast as a physical cable, but you're right in that it's fast enough for general web surfing and email operations, and software downloading, if they're not too big--and java midlets aren't, anyway. ;-)

    I would add that one needs to pay special attention to the Bluetooth Pairing of the 8830 with the Mac. Make sure everything is set to discoverable and that the 8830's Trusted Devices protocol is set to "YES" and not "NO" or "ASK."

    I think it is also best if the Mac searches for the BlackBerry 8830, itself, and not the handheld for the Mac. I did this and ended up redoing it. So let the Mac search for the 8830. The code will be sent from the mac to the 8830, and it will be a long number, not the typical "0000" type of thing, as is seen with most Bluetooth headsets.

    I'm happy to now be able to use my 8830 with my G4 PowerBook! Thanks again :-).

    07-20-07 12:16 AM