1. rollingstone's Avatar
    Hello All,

    Well I decided to try updating the Verizon 8830 with my MacBook 2.0 ghz, intel core duo 2, 2 gig ram.

    I switched from Parralels to VMware Fusion. I could not get the USB connection working very well. So far with Fusion everything has been working...desktop manager syncing, and I also use SplashId password protector program and syncing.

    So I took the plunge to use the Mac to update the OS. I used desktop manager, followed it through the step by step process. Made a back-up of everything (however jumping to the end of the story, when I recovered it didn't reload SplashId or YahooGo...the only two apps I've loaded on to the 8830)

    The process seemed to fail at the step of initializing the 8830 after the new OS was downloaded. A funny little icon shows up on the 8830 screen which means no OS on the device, there was a number also...I think 570.

    My only guess is that the USB connection fails.

    Well I thought I was screwed, but I re-ran the install on a Windows machine and it worked fine. I then connected back to the Mac to do the restore since the file was in the Mac. That work except I have to reload Splashid and YahooGo (well may not reload YahooGo...not that useful) I'm wondering if I missed an option in the the restore process for 3rd party apps (?) I will check into it. I'm just relieved to be up and running again, but sad that I needed a windows machine.

    I also have a Garmin GPS, but given this experience, I'll wait for an update of Fusion before I try using the Mac to update it.

    08-22-07 08:54 AM
  2. eduardjm@usc.edu's Avatar
    Good thing you guinea pigged it for the rest of us and we see potential harm of doing it over vmware of any flavor on the mac. however the successful syncing/backup part intrigues me... I'd love to stop backing up my BB to my work PC and deal only with my MB as well...
    08-22-07 10:07 AM
  3. rollingstone's Avatar
    Oh hi,

    Just follow up. Everthing else works well with VMware Fusion and the 8830. I can load apps to the 8830, sync, etc. (I have sync SplashID on Windows, otherwise I use the Mac OSX sync app). Because I was able to restore the 8830 on a windows machine, I'm almost tempted to try again. I can't remember if I did anything, like surfing the web or something while doing the OS update. I also had a number of USB devices connected...mouse, keyboard, hard drive. However the 8830 was using one of the Mac USB ports directly.

    If I didn't use BES, I would try agian. But since you hav to re-activate after an OS update, my IT dept will get annoyed..... Anyway, if anyone else tries this I would reccomend new USB devices connecteed.

    I haven't used BootCamp...I bet that would work.

    08-24-07 08:58 AM
  4. jb5674's Avatar
    Bootcamp was giving me "issues" the other day. Halting on installs and what now. I'm noob with a VZ pearl. I love my mac and would prefer not to use windows. Any help would be great. PocketMAC is just ok. I hear the missing sync is too buggy.
    01-29-08 09:18 PM