1. gaspower's Avatar
    Just installed BB Desktop Manager for mac, v. 1.03. I used to use a PC version prior, and it had a media feature to download images from the BB. I do not see this option on the Mac version. Did I download the wrong version?

    Thanks JR
    06-15-10 06:40 PM
  2. rcnathan's Avatar
    Hey Gaspower!

    I am not aware that the Mac desktop software allows you to do that from within the program. You can, however, go to Options>Memory and change the setting to Allow Mass-Storage and then you should be able to see your device in Finder, or on your desktop when the phone mounts. Works for me! Then you can manually navigate to the pictures folder and swap out pictures, or do whatever you would like to do from there. It also works with Music.

    Hope this helps
    06-15-10 11:07 PM