1. sfogle's Avatar
    OK...so I've been using Desktop Manager for Mac ever since it was released and have recently upgraded from a Tour to a Bold 9700 (T-Mobile) and the 2-Way Synch is not working FROM the desktop TO the Bold; yet, if I add a new contact on the Bold and synch, the new contact appears in Address Book.

    I haven't changed anything on my MacBook or Bold I've verified all the settings are set for "2-Way" and still, the info in Address Book doesn't show on the Bold after synching. I am hoping that someone else has seen/experienced a similar problem and can offer suggestions- I searched the forums and was unable to find any threads that related to this issue- Very frustrating to enter new contacts into Address Book and not have them synch!

    02-12-10 08:29 AM
  2. Heckler's Avatar
    Be happy...all mine does is rape the contacts on my Berry. I've told it not to sync the contacts yet every time I sync I lose contacts. We waited this long for this piece of crap?
    02-15-10 11:12 PM