1. CEBEP's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I use 1password for Mac which is a 100% satisfaction product. I was happy to use the iPhone version when I had an iPhone. And since I write here I am a BB guy now

    But there is no 1password for BB. Not even reader. What would you suggest to replace 1password to be able to manage my sensitive data on Mac and BB and keep data synced?

    Auto insertion to the browsers (both Mac and BB) is extremely welcome.
    Last but not least, will there be a way to export existing data from 1password to such program.

    05-25-09 03:58 PM
  2. @ngel's Avatar
    I have 1password and I love it! I would love to see an app for my Pearl!
    05-29-09 08:17 AM
  3. ArnColon's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Ready....the answer is.....Lastpass!

    Go to lastpass.com, I do not have enough posts on Crackberry to be allowed to post url's.

    This is the only option I have found so far, it is called Lastpass. I will say it works beautifully on my BB Pearl. The OTA installation is easy as can be, the instructions and ease of the transfer of passwords to Lastpass from 1Password is just ridiculously simple (the way it should be).

    Now it is not perfect..... Once you log out of Lastpass on your BB it seems it has to connect to retrieve the passwords. So if you don't have an internet connection and you have logged out or rebooted your stuck. Very basic application, no bells or whistles, just your passwords and everything else you have in 1password. A great feature of Lastpass on the BB is it's search engine, it is just great. I have a ton of passwords and the search feature works like a charm.

    I pretty much use Safari exclusively these days. Lastpass works with Firefox, So the process for me was...

    1. Installing Lastpass to Firefox
    2. Uploading my passwords from 1password (very easy instructions)
    3. Did the OTA installation onto my BB Pearl.

    That's it! You now have all your 1password info on your BB, wahoo! So now once a month I just re-upload, or sooner if I need to. I do delete what I have in Lastpass prior to uploading my passwords from 1password (or you will have duplicates). The whole thing on my 3rd month of doing this took about 5 minutes, if that.

    It is a nice little program, still in beta I believe. I have one update so far for my BB. Oh yeah cost....$1 per month, $12 total price for the year-to have all my passwords with me without carrying anything else, awesome! You need to upgrade to the premium service (which is the $1 month) to obtain the BB version. There is a 14 day trial, which I would recommend not waiting too long to purchase because you will think you have your passwords with you and then realize you didn't pay for it (speaking from experience).

    Hope I was clear enough, I was so happy when I came across this a couple of months ago. Also, I continue to use 1password as it is arguably my favorite Mac program, I just use Lastpass for the BB side of it. Lastpass will function on Firefox as a stand alone password manager.

    06-23-09 11:20 PM