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  • YES

    28 82.35%
  • NO

    6 17.65%
  1. Buzduganjr's Avatar
    Should I upgrade to OS or stay at please help me cause i was reading trough 27 pages of the finding and fixes and i dint come to a very good accurate conclusion does it worth to upgrade or not.

    Thank you for all the help !
    04-08-11 03:10 PM
  2. ocncheffy's Avatar
    I upgraded from .448 to .526 and I found that browsing was much snappier and the zoom was more responsive, web pages also loaded quicker. I just found overall smoothness when opening apps and such much better.

    The only issue I found is that, moving side to side to view your favorites or downloads, the animation of the motion is a little jittery compared to .337 which was butter smooth. But it's a small trade off compared to what it improves.
    04-08-11 03:27 PM
  3. rroyy's Avatar
    bigger = better but if you are using BePopup dont forget to check my sign.
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    04-08-11 03:52 PM
  4. Buzduganjr's Avatar
    Hey there thank you for the heads up about the browser and good to know this build is much snappier

    Hey first of all im a big fan of u here on the forum man ! I learned a loth from you here on this forum and i didn't expected u to really replay to my thread , hehe yes bigger is better and so far i got only yeses on the Pool and im almost thinking to upgrade to the new leaked version 526 but ill w8 a bit for more comments or more pool results.

    @all who voted on my first pool thank you! for all your votes you guys helped me a loth with this new OS and almost convinced to upgrade im still w8ing a bit for more confirmation and info about thsi new leaked OS.

    Thank you to all !
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    04-09-11 01:23 PM
  5. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    I vote try em both, and make your own educated decision. What works for me may not for you.
    04-09-11 02:07 PM
  6. Lucky45's Avatar
    Jump in the water like the rest of us and find out on your own

    FYI: I just rolled back to .448 last night....
    04-09-11 02:54 PM
  7. SCrid2000's Avatar
    448 was too buggy for me. I recommend either 524 or 436.
    04-09-11 05:51 PM
  8. Buzduganjr's Avatar
    Hey thanks to all for the info and for the votes ! as soon as i go home ill upgrade to this new leaked version 526 for BB Torch !

    Thank you Again !
    04-10-11 01:40 PM
  9. pjmacklin's Avatar
    if you're seeking some sort of consensus, no!
    04-10-11 02:17 PM
  10. Buzduganjr's Avatar
    Hehe yeah im not looking for that but thanks anyway.

    the 526 leaked link is so slow for DL 155Kb/sec it should be at least 500kb/sec for me at a 15MB/sec internet provider.

    Yes mate but i don't have that much time to spend on Upgrade and downgrade if the leaked version is not working and beside that my BB is my business phone to so is better for me to know if it worth the Upgrade or not

    yes you are right i found some of the bugs to and is not much of a concern but a bit annoying, for exp when i close an APP is takes 1/2sec till it close the app, and my text messages it take longer time to open (yes i did a wipe with BBSK and i clean the memory every day some times 2 or 3 times per day.)

    Thanks all for support ! im off now to install the leaked version 526.
    04-10-11 03:00 PM
  11. Buzduganjr's Avatar
    Ok one day with the new OS 526 and i can say WOW is sleek runs faster and no bugs so far !
    Ill post here updated if i found some of the abnormal issues i will experience during this new OS
    I was hoping they will fix camera pictures it has a delay of a sec when you do a picture.

    So far so good no problems ! ill keep it till next version of OS
    04-11-11 05:57 PM
  12. Deathcommand's Avatar
    (Yay for going against the push )

    But really yes.
    04-11-11 06:11 PM