1. nyzthug's Avatar
    the storm got love today with the .323 my storm is happy . now on the hand my two 8900 is on the table crying there eyes out they want an update to . Is my 8900's the only one crying out there.

    P.S my 8520 crying to but not as loud
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    10-21-09 06:18 PM
  2. tscharron's Avatar
    Yours are not the only ones. My two 8900s are the same.
    10-21-09 08:56 PM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    btw my two 8900's are running just fine. go with that for now.
    10-21-09 09:57 PM
  4. steven_a1991's Avatar
    i'm also waiting...
    10-22-09 01:17 AM
  5. Bajanbastard's Avatar
    Yeah it would be nice to have a 3XX leak for the 9000, 8900 and 8520 pop up.
    10-22-09 01:19 AM
  6. FATMANSDAD's Avatar
    It seems to me like the 8900 gets the least love of all! The older model curves get more "OS" love whether it's official, unofficial, beta or hybrid. IMO.
    10-22-09 04:05 PM