1. tx_dbs_tx's Avatar
    Been having a problem getting DM 4.6 to load the device os installed on my PC. After uninstalling both DM and the handset os off my computer completely then rebooting my comp and reinstalling DM 4.6 and ONLY os 4.5.097, my DM and the loader.exe still will not let me update the os to my BB Curve 8330 for Sprint. (I have made sure the vendor.xml is deleted and my internet connection is disabled each time before I open DM). I just wiped my phone with jl_commander and launched loader.exe and got the message... "The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator". I obviously have 4.5.097 installed and the vendor.xml has been deleted and no internet access is available to DM or loader.exe. I hope there are other geniuses out there who can give me some more advice. It seems to me that there is another file hidden elsewhere on my PC that is letting DM know that my phone is not for the os installed on my PC. Any ideas guys???
    01-16-09 08:13 PM
  2. tx_dbs_tx's Avatar
    Even with the newly pre-released Sprint 4.5 os installed on my comp, loader.exe and DM refuses to see the installed os on my PC. I'm stumped. I did however get my HP Vista notebook out and got the job done with no problem so at least I was able to do a clean install of the new Sprint 4.5 pre-release. This is one heck of a mystery problem on my desktop! Anybody have any other suggestions???
    01-16-09 10:55 PM
  3. ncbuckeye's Avatar
    I had this same problem about a week ago when I was upgrading my OS on the Bold. I unistalled the DM and reinstalled it, that took care of it on both my computers.
    01-16-09 11:42 PM
  4. snoppyman's Avatar
    Any time you are you are changing software you need to search your computer for the (vendor) file from the previous install then DM will offer the OS.
    01-18-09 11:45 PM
  5. Pete6's Avatar
    Download and install CrackMem from the link in my signature. The program is free and will hep you find and configure your OS prior to installation. I wrote it specifically for support purposes. Now it is used for loads of other things too.

    If you need more help, post here or in the CrackMem thread.
    01-21-09 02:01 PM
  6. howie's Avatar
    disconnect from the internet then start up DM. The newer DM versions go to the internet to check that OS is for your specific device. Search the forums for more information, this comes up daily so the information in those threads should be current.

    Good luck
    01-21-09 02:04 PM