1. imekul#CB's Avatar
    I installed 5.0 on my 8330 (Sprint, if it matters), and ever since, themes with a today screen look kind of weird.

    As you'll see in the attached picture, all calendar events have the text "NI20092009" layered on top of them. The same happens when I receive a new message and view the preview under "Messages."

    When I view a calendar event or a message, though, everything appears normal. It seems to just be an issue with the today screen.

    I have tried the default today screen as well as this other one that I just installed. Both have the same problem. I also have tried rebooting the phone.

    Any idea what gives?? Kinda confusing stuff!
    09-30-09 08:53 AM
  2. mileaway's Avatar
    I have similar issues after upgrading my Verizon Curve 8330 to 5.0
    Every calendar event / message on the "today" screen shows "NI20092009"
    Otherwise the upgrade was without problems, the new OS has a few nice features.
    09-30-09 09:31 AM
  3. imekul#CB's Avatar
    It's really strange, isn't it? I wonder what's up here.

    It's not really that annoying enough to make me want to attempt to reinstall 5.0, but I wish I knew what was going on.
    09-30-09 11:41 AM