1. revcov's Avatar
    So I have been a primarily iPhone user since I moved from a flip phone. Never owned a BB. I've just ordered my first one - a Q10 off eBay. I did this for a couple of reasons:

    -wanting something "different"
    -bored of iphone
    -95% of my phone use is calls, texts and emails
    -this was an inexpensive way to try the BB


    -i like being a bit different
    03-10-17 12:35 PM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.
    If you haven't already installed the latest OS, here is a good place to start.
    It's very easy and the 'How To" explain the process.

    Get familiar with the HELP app on your device. Everything you could ever want to know about your phone is right there.
    And, of course we're here to help, so don't be shy.

    03-10-17 01:34 PM
  3. Dmd74's Avatar
    Congratulations on purchasing your first BlackBerry. I hope that you enjoy it. You may experience some growing pains in moving from iPhone to BB depending on how you utilize your phone. As I am sure you are aware, the Blackberry app market is rather sparse. The Cobalt fix to allow the Play store helps some. I myself preferred the Classic to the Q10 due to the tool belt, but you having never used a BBOS device will not notice it not being there. If you like the phone consider the K1 and stay a BlackBerry user.
    03-10-17 01:34 PM
  4. Felix Emanuel Charles Marmann's Avatar
    Welcome to the boards and to BlackBerry!
    03-11-17 04:37 PM
  5. Matty's Avatar
    Hey @revcov! Welcome to Crackberry

    I love the size of the Q10. Its just perfect for typing at any angle and the keyboard feels good.

    i like being a bit different
    Welcome to the Blackberry Club!, hope to see you around the forums
    03-17-17 11:24 AM
  6. rhp525i's Avatar
    Welcome OP. I am also new to the forums as I joined on Feb 28th of this year, but with this post I hit 100. So am now officially a CrackBerry abuser. Haha!

    Posted via CB10
    03-18-17 10:48 PM
  7. mrfreeze's Avatar
    Welcome OP! Hope the Q10 can do what you need. If not, please don't jump ship. Try out the new KEYone that's coming out with Android as the underlying OS.
    03-18-17 11:14 PM
  8. bakron1's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to Crackberry, enjoy the site and our great community.
    03-20-17 04:13 PM

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