1. joshvette001's Avatar
    Alright guys, before we all go freaking out yes I do realize there is hundreds of topics on what each hybrid or build has but I haven't taken the time to read through 40 threads... As a business owner I would rather not have to read through that many. I was looking around for one place that has a basic opinion on which hybrid and which Beta would be the best fit with the least amount of issues that can be used for everyday use... I actually just put .797 on my phone and having some weird issues which is obviously going to happen with a leaked OS.

    So basic question What OS Hybrid do you feel is the most stable best working newest that can be used for everyday use?

    And what do you think is the best unmodified leak as of now to use for everyday use if you didn't wanna use a hybrid?

    Lets see what we come up with and maybe we can keep one post with the Community Preferred Hybrid and Leak version that are stabler than others.

    09-01-10 01:00 PM
  2. hennesseystealth's Avatar
    For 9530, 797 with the latest 886 hybrid (no Chinese handwriting or 6.0 files).
    09-01-10 01:07 PM
  3. ehall1957's Avatar
    I am using the leaked 797 build and it is working fine for me. I use BES and my email, contacts and calendar all work fine.
    09-01-10 01:54 PM
  4. djm1947's Avatar
    You really need to go to the Hybrid forum and read for yourself. The reason for this is that each individuals use of the phone and applications installed and used is different.

    Did you do battery pull following the installation? If not try that.

    By the way, this thread will probably be moved by one of the Mods to the Hybrid forum.
    09-01-10 03:15 PM
  5. bbfan1983's Avatar
    I'm running .886 over .797 right now. I did install the 6.0 files and am not seeing any problems. I use my 9530 for business and some personal apps - no games. I have about 15 third party apps installed.

    Problems I noticed in .797: 1) the application memory would drain very fast (from 22+ MB free to <2MB free in the course of one day) often prompting me to delete applications, and 2) there was a lot of lag when trying to access applications (tasks, calendar) while on a phone call.

    With .886 my memory slowly drains from 22+ MB to around 15MB by the end of the day. The lag during calls is gone.

    btw, I have QuickPull scheduled to run every day before I get up at 4am so my memory is all freed up at the beginning of the day.
    09-01-10 03:15 PM