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    So once again let's keep it simple.
    Everyone check this CNET article on Amazon's Firephone.

    "The Bottom Line
    Despite its daring aspirations and 3D-like party tricks, the brave, new Fire Phone's lack of Google services will alienate anyone who expects the flexibility of a modern Android phone."

    Point being. It reminds me exactly to Blackberry's current Android framework situation.
    Also please check the incredible read this whole post is based on.

    Controlling Android's Open Source by Any Means Necessary

    Google has capitalized extensively and successfully locked the Android ecosystem ala Steve Jobs mode.
    For developers worldwide not only is it increasingly difficult, but entirely not recommended to leave Google play services out of the equation while developing an app.
    Sure anyone can attempt to code their app without out google play services using open-Source dependencies and sure any one can invest the time and create their own flavor of Android ala Linux style but at this point can anyone be truly successful?
    Just take a look at the Firephone and the Kindle struggle to catch up to the full Android experience. The same entirely applies to Blackberry OS10 which has taken the open source side of android and developed an easy to port alternative to native development. After reading the article it makes a hell of a lot more sense why Blackberry chose to join forces with Amazon. They are the ones that have been biting the most succesfully, at the android by Google experience the closest. Blackberry knows this and it is exactly why it may, in the future completely discourage usage of Snap, and other 3rd Party App Stores that deliver their apps directly from Google's Play Store.

    On the other side Firefox OS and Tizen in comparison don't even close. As a matter of fact someone earlier posted a great article on how Tizen has now been declared death on arrival.
    And how could it not be? It would be suicide even for a giant like Samsung, as it could be the push Google perhaps has been dreaming of.

    I mean take for example apps that depend on google location services APIs, apps that depend on google Play store APIs, apps that require seamless youtube integration and social apps that increasingly want you to have a google plus or gmail app.
    Point being Android as everyone loves is no longer Android but Google OS and best believe they're moving towards that ala Chromebook style. So how far are we actually from an actual Chrome phone?
    As it stands now and in every sense of the word, Android as an open source OS (AOSP) is barely on life support. All it would take for a final nail in the casket scenario is for Google to take the full plunge towards their closed ecosystem and that will pretty much mean its demise.

    Such is why I laugh at people in favor of an Android BB device, or at people that support a joint venture with Google. It will simply never happen for Android without Google is as outdated an experience as it can be, and for Google to support an android fork it remains as unlikely as it has always been.

    Blackberry and for that matter Amazon, both need to come up with a solution for the "Google Play Services Dilemma (GPSD)" and offer developers an API alternative to fork their apps. And since Amazon is the bigger player won't there be a bigger incentive for developers to do so? I'm curious on how their Play works alternative will ultimately works, which brings me to my next point.

    From the very beginning the AmazonBerry venture has been in my opinion, one that more and more seems to benefit Amazon's over Blackberry's needs. Look at it this way if Amazon fails to come up with a solution for GPSD and fast, wont that make the 10.3 Amazon push seem as a big flop? Won't it literally mean end users will still lack access to the apps they desire? And if successful won't it be of Amazon's interests to ditch Blackberry and it's OS10 Android framework to its own means? Are we so blinded by what it may "seem" as a good venture that we are willingly to become Amazon's beta testers? All in their rush to compete with Google Play Services (GPS)??
    The future may be bright but I'm no longer sure that's a good thing any more.
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    07-29-14 11:48 PM
  2. Heinz Katchup's Avatar
    Amazon releasing Firephone is dumb. Amazon partnering with BlackBerry. Aww yeah!

    Posted via CB10
    07-29-14 11:51 PM
  3. chopachain's Avatar
    The only way is to create alternatives (and use Angela to market them). Put a youtube alternative icon on the phone. What about amazon buying out Vimeo.
    07-30-14 05:01 AM

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