1. ndoucette's Avatar
    Ok, so for the past week or so my BBM has been quite, for a lack of better words, ********. It's been lagging and taking 5-10 minutes for people to receive messages, it got so bad that a message I sent at 11p last night, did not make it to the recipients phone until 4 this morning. Last night around 9, my friend was receiving messages from me that I sent at 11 am... I'm on Bell, using a 9700 ... anyone else having these problems? or should I call Bell and wait on hold for another hour.
    02-03-10 11:51 AM
  2. Soulfly3's Avatar
    happening on Rogers as well... but not very frequently...
    i notice in mid convo I get the check-mark, but no D or R for a few minutes....
    kind of annoying, cuz its always a follow up message that explains my really **** headed joke from the message before hahaa!!!
    02-03-10 03:14 PM