11-25-09 09:44 PM
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  1. tanyajeanne's Avatar
    Awesome! We just purchased one and it has been great!
    11-11-09 08:03 PM
  2. sc fan's Avatar
    Not having a good experience with Airave. Sprint was kind enough to send it for free and voice calls were boosted as advertised.

    However, all my family's phones switch from 1XEV to 1X when the Airave is on, and we get no data connection at all. No Blackberry email, no web, and nobody is happy. Sprint's Airave and Blackberry support staff were no help, said this was "normal." This is unacceptable.

    We had a decent data signal before Airave, but lousy voice service.

    Would appreciate any suggestions.
    11-25-09 06:33 PM
  3. papped's Avatar
    No data. Read the FAQ.

    Question 6. Voice and text only. Text is not data.

    Question 22. No data.
    You read it wrong...

    #6 doesn't state voice and text only, the question asked if they would be able to use all functions like text and voice... The answer was yes. That's not the same thing as saying only voice and text are supported.

    #22 states it does not support *EVDO* speeds.. Nobody is disputing this. We already know it doesn't support EVDO.

    Refer to the person's problem above... Airave supports 1X...
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    11-25-09 06:42 PM
  4. sc fan's Avatar
    The only way I can get it to work is by putting the Blackberry in ROAM ONLY mode.
    11-25-09 08:38 PM
  5. sc fan's Avatar
    Wow the 8310 must be really old. The newer Blackberries and alll newer Sprint phones have had the Roam Only mode removed.

    Can you make calls on your Airave? If so you should be able to get data service as well. Either your settings aren't right, or your internet connection, or your Airave is defective. Have you been talking to CS or Airave Support? If CS you need to call again and ask for Airave Support.
    Yes, it's one of the earlier Pearls. I can make and receive voice calls just fine with the Airave. I have tried various settings. Which settings would you recommend changing? Internet connection is screaming fast Verizon FIOS which works in all other respects. Been talking to Sprint's Airave support. They put in a trouble ticket on it.
    11-25-09 08:59 PM
  6. The Biles's Avatar
    I get 1X data with the Airave. Confirmed.

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    11-25-09 09:44 PM
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