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    I searched and couldn't find the answer to this question, hoping someone else might be able to help.

    I have blackberry storm 9530 which has firmware 5.0 and is unlocked already. It is not working with T-Mobile, as i have seen couple of threads saying T-Mobile doesnt work with 5.0 version. One question here is, Downgrading to 4.6 is possible now ?? If yes, HOW? If it is already been discussed in someother threads, please redirect me.

    The other question is, if I take this mobile to India, will it work on Airtel or BSNL india networks ??

    It is very important for me, any input is highly appreciated.
    12-02-09 07:15 PM
  2. anon4705193's Avatar
    for India, I would look on their websites to make sure they support blackberry phone and data so you can get your email and stuff, unless you just want to use it as a phone
    12-02-09 09:34 PM
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    It is fairly easy to downgrade the operating system. In the OS thread you'll find links to all of the previous OS's, first you need to download the one you want.

    Next, you find the thread on downgrading an OS. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

    As for working in India, I am under the impression that India does have BIS service in major centres, you'll have to get a blackberry data package through the service provider though. Look on their websites for the packages and pricing.
    12-02-09 11:23 PM
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    Moving thread to OS Discussion.
    12-03-09 08:57 AM
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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    12-04-09 01:31 AM
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    One other comment... The OS itself should work fine but some carriers do not yet have OS 5.0 capable service books. So you may get there and then find that the browser doesn't work (that's the typical problem). If that's the case, you'll need to downgrade back to 4.7.

    As to network signal, you'll be connecting on the right GSM bands so you should have a lot more luck with signal there than on TMobile.

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    12-04-09 09:50 AM