1. IamLadyK's Avatar
    I've noticed a deterioration in call quality with my BlackBerry Key2LE on Verizon over the past several months. I travel a few times a year to a rural area and never had issues with my Key2LE or other BlackBerry devices on VZW. This trip calls have dropped or the service has been unavailable. I am left hunting for that one spot where my phone will have decent reception. Most calls involve "hello, hello?" Or, "Can you hear me?" Others with Samsung or Google phones also on VZW are experiencing the same issues. They also previously had no issues.

    I'm also noticing more dropped calls and connection issues in urban and suburban areas. Again, Samsung and iPhone users are reporting the same issues. I know Verizon is switching from CDMA to LTE and eventually 5G. Could these changes be responsible for the deteriorating call quality issues?
    08-10-19 11:40 PM
  2. goku_vegeta's Avatar
    It's an issue with the network. It's not a result from going from 3G support on CDMA to LTE and 5G. According to Verizon, 40 percent of their towers are actually LTE only so depending on where you live and travel to, you might only be using LTE for the majority of the time.
    08-10-19 11:52 PM

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