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    First I just want to say this is an amazing and informative forum and couldn't be happier I found it and joined!

    I have a small issue that seemed to just start today.

    When sending sms/mms on my Nextel 8350i I always had a sort of "short"menu on the bottom in the middle that only gave quick options such as:

    Save draft
    View full menu

    This morning when I replied to my first of many texts during the day it automatically came up with the full menu down the left side?

    I looked at my settings and nothing "seems" to be wrong, and I never changed anything to begin with.

    I tried a hard reset as well (battery pull,hold power button), but no change.

    I suppose in the grand scheme of things its small, however it is annoying as I'm tending to mis-hit commands, like wanting to send but saving draft,saving message or clearing field instead.

    I truly appreciate any help you may have, if any.

    Also, I was going to put this in the 8350i forum, however I thought the Sprint/Nextel forum was just as relevant and would get seen a little more. If I'm wrong I apologize.

    Thanks in advance,


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    04-01-10 11:07 PM
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    Anyone know why? Or is this just a freak thing that ill have to live with?

    Thanks again!

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    04-05-10 10:39 PM
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    Welcome to CB.com Nation! FWIW, the 8350i forum may have gotten you a faster response.
    With respect to your dilemma, I think that after composing your message you must be hitting or pressing the trackball. In doing so, you bring up the short menu. If you hit the "Blackberry" button, to the left of the trackball, you will reveal the long menu. I hope this helps you.
    Again welcome!

    04-06-10 09:32 PM
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    Thanks for the advice BTB.

    The full menu comes up regardless of whether I press the trackball or the the BB button.

    However you are correct that is the way its supposed to work!

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    04-07-10 06:30 PM
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    Try this>
    Scroll down to menu style and highlight Full Menu. Press BB button and change to Short Menu.
    BB button and then Save.
    04-07-10 08:21 PM
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    Omg dude that worked!

    Your awesome! Thank you so much ibbeach0!

    No more unwanted saved messages or 3 paragraph texts cleared by mistake

    Thanks again!

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    04-07-10 10:40 PM
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    you're on the i ?? dude get off the IDEN nextwork! it's so wack! Research Sprint's IDEN network vs CDMA network..

    IDEN = difficult for sms and mms messages..

    CDMA = smooth!

    get a CDMA phone!
    04-08-10 10:53 AM
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    @ blood Some of us still need to have the Nextel DC. It might not be the best but it is what we have.

    @project This is why we are all here to lend a helping hand. Just keep in mind to do a search before making a new thread. This one I have not seen brought up so you are all good.
    04-08-10 07:56 PM
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    I always try to search before posting since I know recurring questions have been an issue as of late

    Since I didn't see this in a search result I posted it!

    Thanks again, hope I can pay it forward at some point.


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    04-09-10 08:10 PM