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    ok many of those storm 1 users know what problems we have with vodafone sorting the bugs in the 9500 so this is how iv got mine updated free of charge to a 9520 (aka storm 2). My contract has not changed or been extended.

    Im currently paying 25 excluding vat on a small business plan which i receave 500 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited landline calls, unlimited internet and unlimited blackberry webmail.

    basiclly, its a pain in the arse to get them to exchange it free of charge but i managed heres a basic outline.

    Send e-mails requestioning eather version 5 of the operating system, a replacment handset or cancelation of contract without fee's due.
    remember to:
    remind them that it is there legal duty to fix your problems.
    let them know that you are already on the lastest 4.x software
    that these problems are not hardware related but software

    They will try and get you to exchange it for another storm 1, remind them that this will not solve the issues due to it being a software problem.

    go into the store and ask to speak to a manager, they will refuse to exchange it for the 9520 but it will be logged that you have tryed.

    call 191 and ask to speak to a superviser, they will ask what your problem is and try and resolve it with you, explain that you are going to take them to court if they do not resolved your problems. make sure you explain that if they exchange it for another storm 1 you will have the same problems. also remind them that yes it was a free gift however it was used to entice you into signing the contract and is there for covered by the sale of goods act and they have to provide you with a fault free handset. eather by repairing your handset (Which they cant do due to it being software related and them not having os 5 yet) or providing you with an alternative handset of the same or better spec (only the storm 2 has the same size screen so thats the only one that will be sutable)

    at the end of my phone call they had authentication to send me a 9520 (took 45mins of being put on hold)

    so thats it, mine is in the post and getting delivered tomorrow also got a new 9500 here as well which iv used for all of 3 days and they didnt call me back with what to do with it like they said they would.

    so i hope you find this usfull
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    11-01-09 11:12 AM
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    Glad to know someone got them to do the decent thing but now you are back on the bleeding edge of bb tech! Storm 2 will probably be a nightmare too.

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    11-01-09 02:25 PM
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    probally but it cant be as bad as the storm 1, mainly singnal problems for me, talking about sos but you feel like shouting sos when trying to get it sorted!

    just thought id post it so others knew what i done to get it sorted.
    11-01-09 03:05 PM
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    It's odd how many different problems folk have, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I've had no signal issues but others have while I've had issues that other people haven't.

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    11-03-09 03:17 PM
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    Thanks staticphilly for giving us advice on this because Im really fade up of the problems with my storm and its just come back today from repair but I have already done 3 battery pulls!!!!
    11-12-09 09:51 PM
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    I had a storm 1 and I was sick to death of the signal issues. All I did was write a final letter of complaint !d I emailed it to Vodafone CS. 3 days later their email dept called me telling me that they are going to send me out a brand new S2. 4 days later I had it also with my next months bill paid for me.

    I had no contract extension or anything. Thee offer VF is giving to certain ppl is ok but you can do better. All I had to do is send my S1 back.

    I'm really happy with the S2 and it was worth the fight

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    12-05-09 05:35 PM
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    Once I updated the software to version 5 the Storm 1 is the best phone I have ever used, it even has 3G most of the time now whereas before it struggled. I suggest Vodafone pull their socks up and get on with releasing this as an official update ASAP, as it makes the Storm 1 simply stunning.
    01-21-10 01:17 AM
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    thanks i'll try it.
    01-22-10 05:15 PM
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    Just a quick point-vodafone are discontinuing the storm 2. After iphone 3gs came in they are trying hard to cut their losses with the storm 2 by giving them away. Is a very very poor comparison to the iphone. The rep tried showing me her phone working and it wouldn't work. Her classic line-its never done tat before. Man, I laughed!!! I am a bb8900 man but iphone rocks. Hate saying it.

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    02-11-10 03:08 AM