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    Hey, sorry if this has been answered in another thread, but I couldn't find it.
    So basically, my friend is getting a new blackberry tour for verizon, and with the buy one get one free deal, I'm planning on buying his other tour from him for a super cheap price, but the thing is, I'm on my final year contract with t mobile, and I was wondering how I could make the tour work with my t mobile sim card. I read on some threads that verizon don't have sim cards, and they work on different frequencies so the 3g won't be accessable, but the thing is, I saw some postings on ebay that claim to be able to unlock the tour so it could be used for any network, and I'm wondering how it's possible? Are there some tours that verizon has that can fit sim cards into them? or how would that work? thanks in advance.

    Edit- I just found another fourm that says
    "I just found out that Verizon uses Sim cards for certain phones like BB Tour and the HTC Pro Ozone. I do have a question, will I be able to use the verizon sim cards with a AT&T or T-Mobile phone if I insert them in one of those phones? If so can I unlock them? I am with Verizon and really thinkin about getting the Tour."

    and somebody responded
    "Those sim cards are unactive unless you travel overseas, Verizon phones will ALWAYS use CDMA in the states, even if they are unlocked, it works just like Sprint. SIM cards are only present in their International based phones and technology will only allow them to work internationally"

    so I'm wondering does verizon stores have 2 kinds of tours? International based ones and united states based ones where the international based ones have sim card slots?
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    get your tour unlocked and there are ways to run on other carriers. I have a Sprint Tour running on TMobile.
    09-17-09 10:36 AM
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    check out berryology.com they have everything you need to know about unlocking the tour for tmobile or att!
    09-17-09 02:54 PM