02-22-10 11:58 AM
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  1. SapphireStar's Avatar
    I want that violet color 8530 Curve. Is Verizon worth it, in your opinion? I'd be paying an ETF to my current carrier and switching.
    02-15-10 07:57 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Worth it? What does that mean to you?

    What are you looking for? What issues are you having with your current device and carrier?

    What's "worth it" to one person may not be for another person.
    02-15-10 08:05 PM
  3. ditavongrease's Avatar
    The only thing I don't like about the new curve is the camera but other then that I've been with Verizon for about ten years now and love it. I've had sprint before and always had dropped calls even outside! So yeah two thumbs up for Verizon for me.

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    02-15-10 08:06 PM
  4. efn77mx's Avatar
    Yes I am very happy with Verizon. It may seem like a lot, paying 100 bucks a month. But it's worth it for the great coverage.
    02-15-10 08:32 PM
  5. hal1's Avatar
    Think about this - it is very rare that you'll find someone who switched FROM Verizon due to call service.

    My sister had service with someone else, don't remember if it was AT&T or Sprint. ALWAYS lost a call at the same mountain-y spot on her way home from work. Convinced her to try VZ. While on the same road home she said to me "okay, I'll probably lose you now and I'll have to call you back". She couldn't believe that she didn't lose that call at the same spot she always did in the past.
    02-15-10 08:58 PM
  6. Terradactyl's Avatar
    I love verizon. Excellent service here in ohio and customer service has always been great. I've had them over ten years

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    02-15-10 09:23 PM
  7. markhunsaker's Avatar
    It all depends on where you live. Where I live I have tried all the carriers. Verizon is a powerhouse. I know they are a little more expensive than T Mobile or Sprint, but totally worth it.

    I love my BlackBerry on Verizon. I wouldn't have it any other way...and believe me I've tried.

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    02-15-10 09:24 PM
  8. afallucoo's Avatar
    I work for them, love the service and the job Can't go wrong when you go with verizon.
    02-15-10 09:25 PM
  9. Kepeli's Avatar
    So far, I'm happy with the Service and Customer Care department.
    02-16-10 02:50 PM
  10. 0pusX's Avatar
    I was with Sprint/Nextel for 10 years. As of the last 3 months I was having horrible service with the at my work. The end of January we made the switch to Verizon and I instantly went from 0-1 bar of service at work to 3-5 constant.

    Sure it is a little more expensive but as long as my phone works it is worht it.
    02-16-10 03:05 PM
  11. markhunsaker's Avatar
    Sure it is a little more expensive but as long as my phone works it is worht it.
    That's the most important thing...who cares if you have the coolest phone if you don't have the service to back it up. Verizon has always treated me fair...so no complaints.
    02-16-10 04:04 PM
  12. TheSethLogan's Avatar
    my only complaint with verizon is that the 3g coverage they claim to have is not as great as they say it is. Other then that i love them.
    02-16-10 04:46 PM
  13. DUKDIKz's Avatar
    it juz kidda suck when im in the class room,,,
    its kidda underground,,,hav no signal at all,,
    02-16-10 05:12 PM
  14. SapphireStar's Avatar
    Thanks, everybody. Seems like it would be a good choice from my research and your opinions.
    02-16-10 05:24 PM
  15. decarlo4's Avatar
    I love Verizon. I've been a customer since PrimeCo. The service is great and so is the customer service.

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    02-16-10 05:34 PM
  16. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    I want that violet color 8530 Curve. Is Verizon worth it, in your opinion? I'd be paying an ETF to my current carrier and switching.
    As a customer I am very happy. I came from cricket to verizon in 2005 and got a basic flip phone. I got an env2 as an upgrade and then purchased a blackberry last april.
    Ive always loved the coverage in my area. The customer service has always been great for me. The few times I called tech support for things I couldnt do myself was great. My folks finally got verizon last year and now my entire family is m2m.
    SO, now I have two lines one is a blackberry we have 500 sms with unlimited m2m sms per line and I have insurance and we pay appx $130 per month without my corp discount. I had tmobile back in the day of the coffin shaped nokias. I wasnt unhappy with them but the network left something to be desired at the time.
    I have not experianced sprint or att as a customer but hearsay from friends who do it sounds like the networks can sometimes get bogged down bad and the customer service is horrible.
    But that is just MHO.
    02-16-10 06:04 PM
  17. babyface35762's Avatar
    I love them and wouldn't change. I've been a customer since 2003.
    02-17-10 01:21 AM
  18. kyky489's Avatar
    i have had them for about 3 years now and i dont think (that i can remember), i have ever had a single dropped call. Great service is worth the small difference in price from other carriers.
    02-17-10 02:05 AM
  19. thinkamp's Avatar
    I've been pretty happy with vzw.
    Good coverage, good (for the most part) CSRs &my billl went down.

    One thing vzw is missing is the iPhone.
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    02-17-10 08:36 AM
  20. clickclick's Avatar
    Yea i love Verizon. I wouldn't be without them. In all my years can never remember a service issue with them. Updates and OS releases on the other hand... I would like to talk to someone there about that.
    02-17-10 08:42 AM
  21. Shorty43081's Avatar
    Love them!

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    02-17-10 09:03 AM
  22. pkcable's Avatar
    I'm VERY happy with Verizon, great service, great network. My only complaint would be price, BUT I do believe in you get what you pay for, and I'm willing to pay for quality.
    02-17-10 10:10 AM
  23. kbz1960's Avatar
    Are you having trouble with USCellular? Or is it just that Verizon has the phone you want?
    02-17-10 01:00 PM
  24. TheBiggmann's Avatar
    Personally, I hated it. I go to school at UW-Madison, and in literally every building on campus I have 1-3 bars and could hardly hold a call without it dropping at least once. I switched to AT&T a month ago and have no less than 3 bars anywhere, and the only place I lose 3G is in a FEW buildings, but I still have EDGE and can talk absolutely no problem. Pretty much full reception everywhere. I was also back home (Northern WI) and had bad signal in one spot the entire time I was home, and that was 2 bars in the middle of nowhere between two one horse towns.
    02-17-10 05:31 PM
  25. Cuda13's Avatar
    I've been a customer since 1988/89 ish when it was GTE Mobilnet and have never had a problem with their coverage, billing, etc. My Father in-law has been with everyone but Verizon but usually has problems of one sort or another. Go with what works for your situation but for me I get what I pay for.
    02-17-10 10:52 PM
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