1. MrJodie's Avatar
    Having Verizon problems here in Los Angeles. Phone is working fine, can receive text/emails, but unable to receive calls from certain phones/providers.

    Example: Tried calling my Storm from my office landline. Instantly I get that horrible 3 tone "disconnected" sound and the message "We're sorry, all circuits are busy". But if my co-worker calls my Storm from his Storm, it goes through.

    And I tried another landline phone here in the building, and the call goes through no problem.

    Had a couple of co-workers call me using their cells, however... no luck. Phone rings a few times, then a similar message about being busy.

    Maybe the local storm is affecting the Storm?
    12-07-09 08:19 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Lets move this thread to Carrier Outages Forum. BTW I'm ok here in Philly on Verizon.
    12-07-09 08:23 PM