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    I am a retail supersivor for VZW so to answer the original question of this post...and maybe some others:

    Any customer (no matter what plan they are on) can upgrade 20 months after the purchase of their last subsidized phone if they signed a 2 yr contract. When I say subsidized, I mean the 2yr contract phone pricing.

    Any customer (no matter what plan they are on) can upgrade 10 months after the purchase of their last 1 yr pricing subsidized phone if they signed a 1 yr contract.

    Now, if that customer that did a 2 yr plan is also on a plan of $34.99 or higher (so this would be most single lines plans and the primary line on a familyshare plan), then they can get a $50 or $100 new every two credit toward the purchase of a new phone if they agree to sign a new 2 yr agreement and they have completed 20 months of their 2 yr contract. They would get the $50 credit if they are on a plan billing out a $34.99 to $79.98 per month. If they are on a plan billing out at $79.99 or higher then they get the $100 new every two credit. The new every two credit is based on the actually calling plan itself. Any add-on features like a BB 29.99 data pkg or messaging pkg or insurance does not get included when calculating the new every two credit.

    Also, the new every two (newe2) credit can not drop the price of a phone below the rebate cost. So, let's say there is a $70 mail-in-rebate on a Curve that is 2 yr priced at 99.99 before rebates (just an example, the curve isn't that price right now). Then the cost would be $70 plus tax and the customer would be responsible for sending in the rebate form to get the $70 back. So the customer only got 29.99 of their $50 or $100 credit. Another example....If the Curve was 169.99 before rebates, then the customer still pays $70 plus tax and sends it the rebate form, but they got $99.99 of a newe2 credit (if they qualified for the $100 credit). Make sense?

    Now, customers that are on a $49.99 rate plan and a 2 yr agreement can get a what we call an annual upgrade (or early upgrade). VZW.com says they have to be a myverizon customer, but they don't have to be. They can come to the store for an annual upgrade instead of doing it online if they wanted to. In this case, they get the 2 yr pricing on the phone, they extend the contract to 2 yrs from the date they are doing the upgrade. They also qualify for any rebate offers, but they don't get a newe2 credit. They are supposed to be charged a $20 early upgrade fee also. However, the qualify for the annual upgrade, the customer has to have completed a year of their contract. A whole year, 12 months...not just 10 months.

    Wait there's more....LOL...

    Let's say that customer doing the early upgrade is also a VIP customer, then they do get a $50 VIP credit toward the purchase of the new phone (only applies to the primary line on the plan) on the early/annual upgrade, but they still have to extend the contract 2 yrs and pay the $20 early upgrade fee. They also still qualify for the rebate offers.

    To be a VIP customer, you have to be on a 79.99 single line plan and or a 149.99 familyshare plan for 1 year and then you are automatically enrolled. A VIP customer also qualifies for 25% accessory discounts and can get overage credits for voice and messaging in certain cases. The credits are a one-time only thing. You don't get them month after month. You also don't have to pay the $20 upgrade fees on any single line or familyshare line that qualifies for VIP status. You do have to pay the $20 fees, however, if you are doing an early upgrade or are being charged the "restocking fee." There may also be some other requirements and benefits for the VIP program, but I can't remember them off the top of my head right now.

    To speak to the person saying that they get newe2 credits on all lines: You are lucky. Someone is either doing something they shouldn't which may cause them to get fired, the person helping you doesn't know what they are doing or you are taking advantage of some kind of promotion and they are leading you to believe that it is a newe2 credit. Those promotions could be a buy one get one free offer, some kind of corporate discount or maybe VZW is just offering you a deal to get you to renew.

    I have also experienced a few cases where a customer receives a mailer that says that lines that don't qualify for newe2 can get the credit. We are usually advised of these mailers and instructed to honor them even though the customer doesn't actually qualify since it was VZW error and not a customer error.

    Alot of info there...hope it makes sense....please feel free to private message me if you have any questions.
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