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    I am currently on a long term business trip (South Korea) and I won't be coming back to the state side till September. And right now my phone is having GPS connectivity Issue. The connection would drop either randomly and frequently or majority of times it cant locate my phone. I have solid 4G location here consistently and my sisters phone also verizon model (S6 Edge) has no issue with GPS. I have the BlackBerry Priv, bought it full price (I have Unlimited data) when the phone was released.

    Because I need to use GPS on a daily basis I need this issue to be solved ASAP. Has anyone here dealt with their international customer service? Would they be able to send me a new phone? I do have insurance and they told me they do ship the phone to South Korea, so I guess worst case I can break my phone and go through insurance, but I have to spend $150 which I don't.
    thank you
    07-01-16 04:39 AM
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    Hope you have solved your problem.

    Have you used Blackberry Virtual Expert? It has a series of tests for the Priv including the gps.

    Also, there's a program in the Playstore, GPS Status by MobiWIA, that can show how well the gps is working.

    Good luck.
    07-06-16 06:32 PM
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    Sorry about the late reply. I got in contact with international customer service and we went into trouble shooting and still having gps issues. I tried using one of the apps and it says the connection is fine. When I'm using maps it losing gps tracking or can't find my location randomly but too frequently.

    They told me they don't ship phones out internationally. So one option is for them to ship them to a family member and they ship the phone to me and I ship my phone to them, and they have to drop it off at FedEx. Or option 2 was to go through asurion (i have insurance). They ship phones out international and they also handle warranty replacement. (Told by the rep). But it seems like asurion method seemed more tedious.

    So I told the rep I'll just wait till I come back to the states for two week in september and get the replacement and I asked them to put a note under my account so I don't have to go through the trouble shooting process all over again.

    Thank you

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    08-17-16 12:00 AM
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    Have you tried wipe the device?
    08-17-16 12:34 AM
  5. Krnmc's Avatar

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    08-17-16 06:44 AM

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