1. derpudel's Avatar
    According to the mailout I received, they are calling it an "upgrade". It appears to become split into two levels of service: Basic and Enhanced.

    In addition, they are not going to be offering "voice2txt" after Dec. and also, greetings through Voice Mail MAX will cease to be available on the new mailbox.

    I haven't gone to the Verizon Wireless site to research this further, but it appears to me that this is not an upgrade.

    Does anyone know why they are making these changes? I don't really use my voice mailbox all that often, since most callers I miss don't leave messages anyway...on the occasion that I have messages, I did pay for voice2txt from Alltel, but have since deleted that service.
    11-16-09 04:37 PM
  2. gvillager's Avatar
    Does anyone know why they are making these changes?
    They are moving you from the Alltel VM platform to Verizon's. I don't know enough about the Alltel VM platform to know if it's really an "upgrade."
    11-16-09 04:47 PM
  3. derpudel's Avatar
    Thanks for the info...I was hoping someone would know something about it.
    11-17-09 12:50 PM