1. galmond's Avatar
    I've read a lot of posts about people trying to flash their Verizon BB Curve 8330 (CDMA, no SIM card) to other North American CDMA carriers, but I want to see if I can flash mine to work on China Telecom's CDMA network. I currently have a China Telecom account and just want to use my Verizon Curve here without buying a new phone.

    I know I would lose the data services and only be able to use voice and SMS services, but that's fine with me for the time being.

    My Verizon service has expired and I don't care if I lose the ability to go back to Verizon when the time comes to return to the US because by then I will undoubtedly go for a new phone.

    Anybody have any experience with this? By the way, I'm in Shanghai if it makes a difference.

    02-04-10 03:27 AM