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    Ok I don't know if this has been covered and sorry if it was. First off this could be a stupid question but I'd rather ask first than look like a fool asking a sprint rep. Ok, I have a 8330 right now on sprint with 2 more lines on my account right now and I'm eligible for $150 upgrade. Ok the phone I want is either the hero or Tour. For example the Tour after instant savings and mail-in-rebate is like $150(w/2yr agreement)right? Well say I wanna add another line to my account, would I be able to use my $150 to that new line and get the Tour for free??? I don't know how that works and if anyone has tried it.

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    11-30-09 09:52 AM
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    A new line isn't eligible for a upgrade because there is no phone to upgrade,

    You get the phone at the new customer price after mail-in rebate...

    Nice try...
    11-30-09 09:55 AM
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    Ok thanks, I figured I could give it a try but now I know its not possible

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    11-30-09 09:56 AM
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    This is my "guess", maybe a rep will comment but i'm pretty sure this is the right answer...
    11-30-09 10:00 AM