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    I was wondering if I missed this change. I was trying to do a Hardware upgrade in Aug and was told that since the HUP was changed I have to wait until the end of the year even though I was able to upgrade my last in Dec 08. (just did not need an upgrade until Aug). I was not happy but accepted this. Just last week I decided to see when I was able to upgrade my phone on the rogers website (to get an exact date), I was shocked to see a LIST OF PHONE THAT I COULD UPGRADE. So I went to my local Rogers Store and they checked and it was correct I was able to upgrade right now. I asked about this for you were only able to upgrade after two years with a smart phone. (Side note: I have 5 phone number on my accounts for family members and wanted to upgrade my nephews phone). Now I am being told that the HUP is allowing for anyone who is available to get an upgrade that can but you are now in a pool for the credit. So this mean if you have 5 phone number you can do the upgrade but your credit would start on the last phone upgrade (that was me and a BB9000). so when trying to get a LG Xenon for my nephew, the phone came to $179.99 but the other garbage. Instead of it possible $99.00 since the upgrade would of been if this was left alone.
    Have anyone else notice this change from a 2 year wait for the HUP to the POOL of phone numbers or even a single one where you have to accrue your credit. so the longer you wait to get your phone upgrade the better your credit. I goes to show you that Rogers want you to wait until your contract expires to get your full discount on a new Upgrade phone.

    Wu Jen
    11-22-09 01:52 PM
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    That's how it is when your on a family plan. When I upgraded to my Curve a little over a year ago, at that time it was 200 on a 3 year term. My dad wanted to upgrade to a better regular phone. His phone he wanted was 100 bucks on a 3 year term. So when we called Rogers to upgrade, my Curve was 200 but my dad's phone turned out to be 200. They said something about the pool credit thing which I don't quite understand still. They said when you upgrade your first phone in the family plan its originally the price you see but your second phone you want to upgrade is another 100 on top of the price you see and so on and so fourth.
    11-22-09 02:05 PM
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    For myself I did not go with the family plan. Just have 5 phone number on my account. It seems they are backtracking a little from the smartphone 2 yrs upgrade to this Pool. This is really poor that they did not let people know they are doing this, but again, this is Rogers and they do what they want.

    Wu Jen
    11-22-09 02:09 PM