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    Patches... At least I'm not the only person /facepalm about this thread.
    09-27-09 04:25 PM
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    The statement that Patches posted says that if you use another SIM, then you are on you own with respect to the charges for calls made using that SIM, which is fair enough. Has anyone ever found a written statement from VZW that supports the "warranty is voided" claim? I guess that this turns on how "YOU AGREE THAT ANY AND ALL USE OF OTHER SIM CARDS IN THE GLOBAL PHONE IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK AND EXPENSE" is interpreted. Are they referring to this alleged potential physical damage from a foreign SIM card, or are they they just saying that VZW has no control over the charges incurred? It seems strange that they could claim that a SIM card could damage the phone, when they don't have any such warning about using arbitrary MicroSD cards.
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    When I got my unlock code from VZW Global Support, they told me UNLOCKING THE DEVICE DOES NOT VOID THE WARRANTY. I asked the rep straight up, "does this void the warranty?" and he said, "NOPE, IT DOES NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY. HOWEVER, IF THE PHONE GETS DAMAGED WHILE INSERTING ANOTHER SIM CARD INTO THE PHONE, THEN YOUR WARRANTY IS VOID." This is what the representative told me after he gave me the warning. He said because Verizon Wireless doesn't know whether all carriers outside of the US use the same standard-sized sim card or not, they are just warning us that in case there is a sim card that is bigger than the sim card slots on our phones and somebody damages the phone trying to insert the sim card that doesn't even fit, then the warranty is void. But VZW knows that most (if not all) sim cards are same size and they shouldn't cause any problems while being inserted into the Storm.
    09-28-09 10:09 PM
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    Unlocking does void the warenty as far as verizon is concerened. You may still be covered by rim but you will get no warenty replacements through verizon any replacements will have to be done with ins if you have it and you will have to pay the 50 dollar deductable. I got this info from verizon global support also. So don't unlock your phone unless you are really going to sell it or don't mind going through rim for warenty issues cuz verizon wount help you.
    Edit: verizon notates your account once the unlock code is given weather you actuly use it or not so be careful when unlocking your storm.
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    I recently received an unlock code for my Storm, and then had it replaced the next day under my one year warranty. Today I actually unlocked my new Storm. That may have some effect, but just having the code does not. Also, why would it void the manufacturers warranty, it is made to use SIM cards. That would be a bad move on RIM's part.
    11-23-09 12:00 PM
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    Sorry it does NOT void the manufacturers warranty. As far as carrier policies only the Canadian ones seem to have mixed feelings about this.
    11-23-09 12:11 PM
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