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    Hi there,
    I've been through the FAQ and didn't find an answer there, so here's hoping I'm not repeating something.

    My Mother-in-law recently gave us her 8830 WE because she decided she wanted to change to something else. As we're about to head off to Greece for a few weeks, we decided to unlock the phone and use a European SIM card to allow for cheap calls while we're away. Only problem is the unlocking process.

    The phone was purchased through a plan with Verizon, and even though the contract was up, Verizon insisted that the only person who could get it unlocked was my MIL, the original purchaser. So we dropped it off back to her, she jumped through a few more hoops with Verizon, and then got back to me with the appropriate code and one more glitch not mentioned in the FAQ - Verizon claimed that you can only unlock the phone if it has a Verizon SIM card already in it.

    Now why would I want to go out and buy a Verizon SIM card just to unlock the phone? Can anyone clarify whether this is correct or not, and what the process is? I've checked Youtube, and there seems to be a myriad approaches to the issue.

    Thanks in advance....Tim
    03-04-11 08:20 AM
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    Okay, it gets better and better.

    I called the local Verizon store to try and source a SIM card, and they said that stores don't sell them. They only come with the phone if its a global version like the 8830WE. Well I checked - the phone doesn't have one inside, so now how am I supposed to access this mysterious Verizon SIM card in order to unlock it, as per the instructions from Verizon?
    03-04-11 09:03 AM
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    I do not have an answer to your questions, but feel that if you post this in the BlackBerry Unlocking Forum, you'll get a better and faster response to your question. Hope you get it resolved.

    03-04-11 09:07 AM
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    Okay, thanks. I thought I had to specifically post it in the section pertaining to the particular phone.

    Much appreciated.

    03-04-11 09:23 AM
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    Well in this case, you're specifically needing assistance with unlocking and there are several unlocking companies that do business on the forum and they are very knowledgable and helpful. They usually monitor the unlocking forum and can help you.
    03-04-11 09:26 AM