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    This may have been answered in a previous thread but I couldn't find it if it was, so here goes.

    When you lock the keypad on a Curve 83xx the way to unlock it is to press the * key and then the Answer key. Here's my question. When the keypad is still in the locked mode a user can click the trackball at which time he/she is presented with a dialog box containing 3 options: Unlock, Emergency Call, Cancel. If said user chooses the option labeled Unlock he/she is then told to press * and then the Answer key to unlock the keypad. What is the point of having that Unlock option if it's just going to tell you, essentially, that it can't do it from that menu but here's how you do it? Seems like a waste of time and programming to even have it listed there since it doesn't really do anything useful.

    Please tell me if there's something that needs to be enabled/disabled to make this option work as I would expect or to remove it from the list.
    02-06-09 11:02 AM
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    No - that's the jist of it-its just to prevent the user (you) from pushing buttons while in ur pocket/handbag/or watever u have ur bur in-if ur concerned about some (not u) using the bur then u can create a security p/w to lock ur phone& only u can unlock it with the p/w u create. Hope that helps. I use the keypad lock just so my bur doesn't dial/push buttons while in my handbag.

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    02-06-09 07:38 PM