1. scocam's Avatar
    I've recently purchased second-hand Blackberry Classic which apparently is locked to Telus. Thre were 4 attempts remaining, Called Telus support and given an unblock code however Telus support says it is already unlocked interesting

    Yes the phone is a Telus Phone iaw IMEI check and the device is not blacklisted.

    Inserted my current sin card East-link and a notification indicates Sim Card Network Blocked

    Navigated to the Security and Privacy / SIM Card The device is locked because the Unlock Network button is available

    Entered in the Unlock-code provided by Telus 3 times and did not work

    1 Attempts remaining.

    Headed to a Bell outlet to see if I could borrow a Bell Sim Card to help with this problem (AWESOME) they let me borrow a Bell simcard of to the Telus store a few doors down. discussed the problem but not much the store can do as the outlets cannot provide unlocking services. (only calling/online) no worries I asked to try out a Telusd card and yes the phone works on Telus network...hmmm more interesting

    Return the Bell Card to Bell and thanked them for helping me out.

    Returned Home called Telus tech support and according to Telus it is a Telus phone and unlocked. and the Unlocked code was correct though Telus has said on my first call the phone was unlocked.

    Telus escalated the issue I am hoping this is a server glitch somehow I am expecting a call back in a few days.
    I've re-installed BB10 with Auto laoder no problems same isse

    Question has anyone else come across an issue like this were a phone was locked to a carrier at one point but was unlocked and confirmed by the carrier as being unlocked but the phone indicates it is Network Locked

    I've never had this issue with other BB10 Phone
    05-18-19 03:29 PM
  2. brookie229's Avatar
    See if you can glean any info from this thread from way back when I had trouble unlocking my Z10: https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb.../#post10350522

    There are a few references there from Telus locked devices. Pay particular attention to posts #3 and #5 and maybe @scrannel could offer more info (if he can remember that is).
    05-19-19 09:26 AM
  3. scocam's Avatar
    Thank you for the reply. the 8 didigt code woud thgat be for non BB10 devices?

    I was given a 16 digit code and verified multiple times, the Classic is a Telus phone but Telus informed me twice it is already unlocked. It is not a Koodo phone (a Telus sister company).

    still waiting a Called back from Telus support.
    05-20-19 07:50 AM
  4. brookie229's Avatar
    the 8 didigt code woud thgat be for non BB10 devices?
    No, the 8 digit code is specific to BB10 factory devices. It has nothing to do with ANY carrier AFAIK. This is what I had to obtain also for my Roger's locked Z10 years ago. I tried everything I could think of and eventually I had to get a 3rd level support technician at Rogers to contact BB for the code. If I'm remembering correctly, that is!. However, now that there is NO support from BB for mobile, it may now be impossible for you to unlock that thing.
    05-20-19 01:26 PM
  5. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Move to Canada and signup for Telus service.
    05-20-19 07:45 PM
  6. scocam's Avatar
    Where I am at now tried again witht he supplied unlock code and that did not work the onscreen message now

    One or more of network codes is blocked. This is preventing your device from accessing the Mobile network. Please contact your service provider.

    is the phone now a boat anchor?
    05-21-19 06:39 AM
  7. sammisosa19's Avatar
    how do I network unlock my blackberry classic for free?
    12-14-19 09:23 PM

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