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    This topic has been talked about quite a bit but I wanted to provide an update for ATT customers.

    I finally got off my **** and called International Care (916)843-4685 to have my curve unlocked. Couple of things to remember

    1. Make sure before you get the code to verify with your carrier that they have your correct IMEI number. If your on your phone with them type> * > # > 06 ># this will pop your number up on the screen. ( My carrier somehow had an incorrect IMEI number

    2. Go to manage connections and select >Turn all connections off.

    3. Follow the previous discussed instructions and enter your code and turn connections back on
    Finally do not let customer service tell you they will send you the code via email. They can and will if pressed immediately give you the code. They tried to pull that over on me obviously without success. If they tell you they need to submit a request its a LIE. Speak to a supervisor and tell them you are leaving the country the following day. Amazingly the code mysteriously appears.
    01-28-08 10:23 AM