1. mephisto890's Avatar
    OK Experts....I have an unlocked Verizon 9530 running on the tmobile network and I want to start tethering from my laptop. I am running BDM 5.0.1.
    I can search the web on tmobile network from the 9530 running on the EDGE network. I do have unlimited data plan with tmobile.

    When I initially connected to the 9530 to the tethering cord, the BDM software still thought I was running a Verizon device not a T-mobile. I had to go into the AppData/Blackberry/*.xml file to change the configuration so that the IP modem in the BDM would display. Once I got the IP modem I changed the selection to T-Mobile US. Needless to say, the function did not work. Please help.
    01-08-10 10:30 PM
  2. hernandez_18's Avatar
    i am no expert but i just clicked on us carrier and it worked for me. turn my storm in to a phone modem. works great.
    01-08-10 10:59 PM
  3. mephisto890's Avatar
    I had downloaded the BDM 5.0. however the BB had .4.7.1 version of the OS. I flashed a new OS downloaded from tmobile bold 9800 BDM 5.0.0. The BB device connected directly to the internet at 115K/sec speed without incident.

    I hope this helps other users.
    01-10-10 12:22 PM