1. crackrockberries's Avatar
    this is a little complicated, but I'm hoping that one of you geniuses (no sarcasm) can give me a little insight.

    Recently I unlocked my bb tour, due to the fact that where I will be living for the next few months has no digital/data service on verizon I am in the process of purchasing some prepaid data for At&t (because they have a cell tower here). Assuming I switch my tour from CDMA to GSM and that I have prepaid data, will my blackberry pin seamlessly switch between the networks? I do have a different phone number with each service provider. verizon has its own number as does my at&t sim card.

    What I am trying to understand is when I switch my phone between GSM (at&t) and and CDMA (verizon) will I be able to use, say bbm, on either network/phone number?

    I was told that since my phone is unlocked there is no need to have my pin released.. Any insight or advice or experience with this would be huge.

    Thanks in advance,
    12-11-09 05:45 PM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    sounds like you may actually have a use for the "Global" setting in network connections! interesting predicament though.
    12-11-09 06:01 PM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You will have to manually switch back and forth.
    12-11-09 08:20 PM
  4. crackrockberries's Avatar
    ..when I manually switch back and forth my pin will just go along?

    I'm mainly concerned that when I go to use bbm on at&t it won't work because the pin is also registered on another network and phone number.

    My goal is to be able to go onto at&t and do my data stuff when there is no verizon coverage but also be able to go back and use the data services on verizon when there is proper coverage.
    12-12-09 02:31 AM
  5. Duvi's Avatar
    Won't work or at least it shouldn't. You will need a BB data plan to get BB features such as: bbm & push services. You can already rule out being able to use AT&T for BlackBerry features on prepaid.

    There are other reasons why it won't, but the one above is a big enough.
    12-12-09 03:43 AM
  6. crackrockberries's Avatar
    any chance you could explain a little? I'm pretty sure that with the gophone prepaid you can use a blackberry... there is a 100mb that you can buy prepaid. any help would be greatly appreciated.
    12-14-09 10:37 PM
  7. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You can't use a BlackBerry on GoPhone PrePaid.
    12-15-09 05:21 AM
  8. devious101's Avatar
    You can't use a BlackBerry on GoPhone PrePaid.
    For voice you can. I haven't tried data. I'll try it if someone will donate to my prepaid account
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    12-15-09 11:44 AM
  9. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    AT&T requires a data plan for all BlackBerry activations after date a month ago or so.
    12-15-09 04:51 PM